Businesses face a lot of competition, and creative marketing is the way to get an edge. The use of custom mascots in promoting brands has become a global phenomenon, and a successful one at that. Everywhere you turn, companies are creating brand mascots to bring more popularity to their products. Some of these mascots have become renowned world over and synonymous with their brands. One role that mascots perform is to personify brands.

Personification of Brands

Humans love visuals and by using mascot customes, businesses ensure that people have something to relate to. With a mascot, a brand isn’t just a name but something you can identify with. It adds a sense of familiarity, a connection that easily humanizes products so that consumers don’t just see the commercial side of it. The design and style of a mascot for marketing varies widely with a lot of variables coming into play. Businesses strive to provide a character that evokes warm feelings and positive emotions in consumers. Think of a cushy teddy bear that is used to advertise a fabric softener or a bunny for a battery advert. The character doesn’t just personify specific brands, but they also appeal to a broad audience. The personification of adverts makes it less complicated to promote brands to a young audience.

Social Media Engagement

The use of mascots to personify brands facilitates social engagement. In today’s world, social media is responsible for a huge chunk of advertising distribution. A company that does not engage its consumers on social networks is losing out. With personified branding made possible by custom mascots, social media users can relate better to your products. A majority of companies have social profiles for their brand mascots because consumers appreciate when they can communicate with characters they are familiar with. With a mascot’s character replying to posts and answering questions, a company can improve its feedback.

One way to get social media users to engage with custom mascots is to have a character with a sense of humor. Funny wins any day because people like to be entertained. Having fun mascot costumes and character with interesting personalities will gain you followers. It doesn’t necessary means that a mascot should be perky or bubbly; it doesn’t even have to be likeable since what it should be is captivating. Also, never forget to stay in character when engaging on social media.

Content Creation

Another strategy for capitalizing on the personification of mascot marketing is to create usable content. Any posts or content themes should resonate with the personality of a mascot. A company can use the social profile of a custom mascot to give custom tips, how-to lists, and hacks relating to a specific brand. Maintaining a balance between brand promotion and valuable content can be difficult, but it can work out by concentrating on the most favorable aspects of a band. Visit Hogtown Mascots Inc. and learn more information from the available resources.